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Dystinct Magazine

At Dystinct, we care about our dyslexic children and want to help them find their wings and fly.

In every issue, we will cover topics that include:

  • Success Stories: We track down dyslexics to share their trailblazing paths to motivate children to seek their true dyslexic potential.
    Interviews: We talk to everyday dyslexics who have conquered their hardships and are leading successful lives to showcase the light at the end of this very dark and lonely tunnel.
  • Conversations: We also talk about the everyday realities faced by the dyslexia champions who bear it all to offer their unwavering support through hardships to make their dyslexic children successful.
  • Expert Advise: Evidence based information from qualified experts in the dyslexia field to navigate through the excess of snake oil treatment options out there to detract you from your path.
  • Product / Service Reviews: unbiased reviews and advise from parents of dyslexic children and experts to help you decide on resources that will get you the most value for your hard earned money.

Most importantly, we get as many dyslexic children as possible involved in the production of every issue so they can put their unique skills to use and experience a sense of achievement.

Nurturing Dyslexics

Decodable Orthographic Mapping Resources.

These books help students who struggle with spelling the confusing long vowel spelling patterns.

The books in this series aim to facilitate learning spellings through association of focus words to a fun storyline.