Teaching Kids
Financial Literacy & Business

This program aims at teaching kids not only the basics of business – but also focusses on financial literacy.

Learn Money

Understand the concept of money in a practical way to embed financial literacy into everyday life.

Learn Business

Understand the concept of business, how organisation/companies create value and make money - potentially triggering the curiosity to start a business.

Instil Entrepreneurship

Experience failure and success in a controlled environment - and fine tune the mindset to handle great challenges.

Program Objectives

Mentor Children launch their business

Mentor guiding children setup business and launch strategies

Run teaching modules

Instructor led structured modules delivered face to face + online combination

Personality Development

Create environments for public speaking, develop communication skills, team bonding skills, & more.

Annual market event for kids run business

Opportunity for kids to setup their stall and sell products - showcasing businesses started by children Pair kids who don’t want to start a business with those who want to start a business – simulate Employer – Employee scenarios. Organizing the market can also involve the kids – gives experience in marketing and event management.

Run Monthly Digital Magazine

Work allocated to those children who want to be part of the Monthly Magazine – Graphic Designing, Typing, Organizing content, etc. Possibility to find a mechanism to pay children for the work done – to simulate real world scenarios.

Invite industry professionals to speak

Guest speakers offer great inspiration for children wanting to make career choices. Children also get to start thinking of decisions they need to think early on to decide on career path.


This is NOT a training to help you decide which business to get into.
It’s rather an environment to embed financial thought process and entrepreneurial thinking into the child to potentially evolve a concept developed by the child (and parent) into a functioning business

Program Parameters

Sell Physical Products

Business concepts we discuss involve selling a physical product – children need to go through the work involved in creating a product. Going digital or selling a service can be explored in future modules.

Transactions in Cash

Children need to physically experience money going out of their hands and money coming in – They need to touch the money. This also helps them in counting, financial management and accounting.

Learning needs to be fun!

Children need to interact with other kids, compete and see rewards quick. We can explore on how to incorporate games into modules.


Module 1 World of Money

What is money? Why do we need money? Buying and selling? Price Vs Cost? Spend Save Invest Donate Debt Financial Planning Budget Interest Income Bank Credit cards … and more.

Module 2 Business Basics

Why start a business? Accounting & Financial Management – how to calculate profit? How do we take money from the business? Operations – buying materials, making a product Branding and Marketing – how can we start selling Communication – how to interact with stakeholders such as customers, vendors Customer Service – how to handle customers Social Responsibility – run business sustainably and doing good. … and more.

Module 3 Getting Started

Experience in Selling Experience in Customer Service Experience in failing Experience in making a business decision and facing the consequence of the decision made Experience in making a profit (including calculating profit) Experience in deciding what to do with profit made Experience in planning/preparing ... and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to setup a 20 mins zoom call with Shaf for Shaf to assess the student’s capacity to participate in the program. The first session is quite crucial as this will lay the foundation for the child’s learning target goals.

Please use the contact form below in this page to register your interest.

The recommended minimum age to start is 8 years old.
However, it is important for the student to be able to follow instructions and follow through given assignments.

Yes, there will be assignments, and they will be fun!

Access to zoom (either via a computer or a tablet such as iPad).
Curiosity about making money

The online zoom classes will be once every week.

The face to face group session to be planned once a month in Melbourne. Time & Location: TBA.

Shaf is now running a pilot program for children for free. The price to be decided later based on the participation.

Shafeeq (Shaf) Azam. Shaf has experience in a consulting capacity and running businesses. He currently operates 3 companies, and has invested in a few companies. More importantly, Shaf loves teaching – and wants to teach! Plus, Shaf loves biriyani!